Saturday, April 10, 2010

Literacy Tutoring

I was a literacy tutor during the summer months between 2000-2004. I was hired by the Limestone District School Board in Kingston. This was part of a initiative to bring better results on the EQAO Grade 10 Literacy Test that was issued across Ontario. Our team would meet with every single Grade 9 student and assess their level. Some students required more help than others, and we scheduled brief daily meetings with these students. Many of the resources we had were dated and poorly designed aesthetically. I took an interest in re-designing several and customizing the resources to suit the students interests. These proved to engage the student and take more interest in the assigned tasks. Visually stimulating material is a key factor in gaining a students attention level and keeping them on task.

More about EQAO:

EQAO ensures greater accountability and better quality in Ontario’s publicly funded school system. An arm’s-length agency of the provincial government, EQAO provides parents, teachers and the public with accurate and reliable information about student achievement. EQAO also makes recommendations for improvement that educators, parents, policy-makers and others in the education community can use to improve learning and teaching.

Education Quality and Accountability Office. Queen's Printer for Ontario 2010. 10 April 2010

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