Thursday, April 15, 2010


Educational aspirations among Canadian 15-year-old youth are remarkably high: almost all aspire to complete high school, and over nine in ten say they want to go on beyond high school. University is clearly the post-secondary pathway of choice, being named by over two thirds of the youth. Less than one in ten say they want to pursue an apprenticeship or attend a post secondary trade or vocational school.

This quote pertains to my thesis proposal regarding youth literacy tutoring. Essentially, if youth have the aspirations to do well, then a tutoring system should be easily populated. Confidence plays a major role in success, and the atmosphere of the writing centre would create just that, likely publishing compilation books of student work, and bringing self esteem and skills up at the same time.

Learning Policy Directorate. Aspirations of Canadian youth for higher education: Final Report.
Ottawa, ON, Canada: Human Resources and Social Development Canada, 2004.

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